Get to know more closely the components of a computer and their functions

The components of a computer function as components of electronic devices, namely the computer or PC itself. In everyday life we ​​often encounter various needs, such as playing games, watching films, or doing assignments using a computer.

These components enable a computer to run and be used according to needs.

In this case, the components of a computer have a big role in their respective functions. In fact, there are many different components on the computer itself with different functions. For this reason, for those who don’t know, you can read the following explanation.

Components of a Computer and Their Functions

As previously mentioned, computer components play a big role in the usability of a computer. Apart from that, computer components also have functions on the performance of the computer itself. There are several types of computers, such as processor, motherboard, hard disk, and many more.

1. Motherboard

A motherboard is a component of a computer in the form of a main board such as a PCB or Printed Circuit Board. It has the function of placing various components that improve computer performance. The names of these components consist of RAM, USB port, processor, and so on.

The motherboard also has a function as a provider of electrical connectivity or what is known as a BUS so that components can be connected and work as they should. The shapes of motherboards are very diverse and different from each other, usually according to the shape of the CPU made by a company.

2. Processor

The processor is a component of a computer with an important role, namely controlling a system, executing commands, and processing data. The processor is also often referred to as the brain of the computer, where it is usually installed and attached to a socket on the motherboard.

The processor can be replaced even if it is a different brand, as long as it still has the condition that the socket is the same. The higher the speed of a processor, the faster the computer’s performance in processing data will also be.

3. Hard disk

A hard disk is a component of a computer whose function is to provide storage space with a certain capacity. In this case, the types of hard disks that are widely available in the market are SATA Hard Drives and SSDs.

However, SSD is known to be faster in carrying out the transfer process compared to the SATA HDD version. Apart from that, this also influences the price of SSDs to be more expensive than the SATA version of HDDs.

4. RAM memory

RAM is a component of a computer with the function of storing all program instructions and temporarily storing data. RAM is volatile, meaning the data stored in it can be lost when the computer turns off or there is no electricity.

Apart from that, RAM also helps the performance of the processor on the motherboard to work well when using a computer. Current RAM types such as SO-DIMM or Small Outline Dual In Line Memory Module, for example DDR2, DDR2L, DDR3, DDR3L, and DDR4L.

5. Graphic Card

Graphic Card or VGA is a component of a computer that is quite important as a translator of output to the LCD screen. It could be said that VGA can provide an image on a computer screen. In this case, there are two types, namely the on-board VGA which is embedded in the motherboard and the external VGA which is installed separately from the motherboard.

6. Power AC/DC Adapter

This component of the computer functions as a power supply to regulate and reduce the voltage of the power source that goes to a computer. In simple terms, AC or DC is useful as a source to power a computer. In this case, when there is no electricity in AC or DC, what happens is that the computer cannot turn on.

7. Computer CPU Case

The next component of the computer is the CPU casing, which is quite important. This section has the function of installing the motherboard, hard disk, RAM and AC/DC adapter in one place. With a casing, part of the computer components can be protected from external interference such as dust.

8. LCD screen

The next component of a computer that is quite important is the LCD screen or Luquod Crystal Display. The function of this component is to process data to display images or visuals.

The way the LCD itself works is by receiving signals from the graphic card via the LCD cable. LCD screens have various levels of resolution, where the higher the resolution, the better the image quality.

9. Keyboards

When opening the computer, apart from the LCD screen, the keyboard is an important part of the computer that dominates. The keyboard itself is a board for typing which is composed of letters of the alphabet, numbers and symbols. The function of this keyboard is to enter commands and input data into the computer system.


CD-ROM is a media device useful for reading CDs that are read only. Meanwhile, DVD ROM is a media device that is useful for reading data both CDs and DVDs properly. The difference between the two is that CD-ROM can only read CD-R and CD-RW, while DV-ROM can read CD-R, CD-RW, DCD-R, and DVD-RW.

11. Wireless Card

The next component of the computer is a wireless card with the function of connecting to a network without cables. The way it works is by receiving signals sent from other devices. So with a wireless card, a computer can be used to access the internet with the help of Wi-FI that is connected to the device.

12. Sound Card

If a VGA or graphics card has the function of translating computer language into images, then a sound card completes it. The main function of this computer component is to display sound or audio on the computer. Generally the sound card is installed on the motherboard, but there are also external sound cards that can be installed.

13. Other Supporting Components

Apart from the various computer components described above, there are also other supporting components or parts. This part is usually external and not inside the computer. Its function is to support the functions of several main components mentioned above, such as webcam output and speakers.

  1. Webcam Output

Webcam output is a computer supporting component whose function is to support webcam performance. By using webcam output, the quality of images that will be recorded using the webcam can be improved.

  1. Speaker

Speaker is a computer accessory or supporting component. Its function is to improve the audio quality of the laptop or make the audio coming out of the laptop louder. Nowadays, computers usually have a speaker installed in the CPU, so they no longer need external speakers.

A computer component has its own role or function to run a computer device. These components are what make up a computer, apart from software and brainware. In this case, there are several types of components of the computer or hardware such as the motherboard, hard disk, power supply, processor, and many others that you should know about.