Best Computer Processors: A Comprehensive Guide

Choosing the best computer processor is crucial when selecting a device. The processor acts as the brain of a computer. Despite its relatively small size compared to other computer components, the processor plays a vital role.

Without a processor, a computer cannot function optimally. Even though small, the function of the processor is very important.

Therefore, for those looking to buy a laptop or computer, the first thing to do before making a purchase is to look at the processor it uses.

Top Choices for Computer Processors

To help you find the right computer processor for your needs, here are the top PC Intel and AMD computer processors you should know:

1. AMD A10-5800K Processor

This processor has superior specifications compared to others. In operation, these specifications are very suitable for making computer systems more durable.

The AMD A10-5800K processor is a chip that houses a quad-core 3.8GHz processor and an HD 7760D GPU with a total of 384 m384 core units. This chip has an outstanding standard clock.

For those who enjoy gaming, this processor supports gaming performance on computers, allowing you to use a computer with this processor.

The processor temperature when idle or loading is still within safe and normal limits, so the CPU will not overheat, especially if you are not using a good heatsink fan.

The number of cores can be increased up to 12, and there is also a 3-year warranty. With a three-year warranty, you can use this processor with peace of mind in case of failure.

Using the best processor is the right choice and also economical because its price is in line with the quality offered.

2. AMD FX-9590 Processor

This best computer processor is a high-performance processor capable of clocking at 5.0 GHz (turbo) and 4.7 GHz under normal conditions. This processor is able to maintain its temperature well.

After using the device for a long time, the processor temperature remains cool, so it does not quickly break down. An 8-core, 8-threaded core allows these eight cores to turbocharge at speeds of 4.7 to 5.0 GHz.

This high speed is balanced by high power consumption, around 220 watts, and this processor does not come with integrated graphics.

3. Intel Core i3-6100 Processor

The next best computer processor lineup is the Intel Core i3-6100 processor, an Intel group whose processors are renowned for their excellent quality, making them highly trusted by consumers.

By using this processor, you can meet the needs of optimizing computer performance, and you can also experience a different sensation with the performance of this processor.

In terms of processor price, this generation’s quality core is affordable for all levels. In terms of performance, this processor has a speed of 3.7 GHz and a 3 MB cache. Thus, this type of Intel processor can support computer performance well and also at a cheap price.

4. AMD Sempron 3850 Processor

AMD is currently known as a processor manufacturer whose market is aimed at the middle to upper class. Previously, AMD had also released some of the best computer processors with Mantle technology at a fairly high price.

However, now for those of you with limited budgets, AMD has released the best processor, namely the Sempron 3850, at an affordable price.

5. Intel Pentium G3258 Processor

The next best computer processor series is the Pentium G3258, a processor that is powerful enough for gaming. This processor is in the sub-million rupiah price range. This processor is based on Haswell architecture, which is also the same as Core i5 and i7.

This processor is a dual-core Pentium processor based on Haswell architecture, but with one special advantage over other Pentium processors, namely its ability to overclock.

6. Intel Core i7-6700K Processor

Intel has a new model, the Intel Core i7-6700K processor, which will be suitable if paired with a Z170 chipset-based motherboard. This processor is the fastest and most powerful option on the platform.

The K at the end of the Intel Core i7-6700K processor indicates that the performance of this 14nm fabrication processor can be increased and decreased at will just by changing the multiplier.

7. Intel Core i5-4690K Processor

The next best computer processor lineup is the Intel Core i5-4690K, which comes in a high-end core generation compared to the previous generation.

In terms of price, this Intel processor is more expensive than the previous Intel processor, indicating that the Core generation computer processor has different price levels depending on the quality of its specifications.

Based on its specifications, the Intel Core i5-4690K processor is classified as a mid-range processor with the same overclocking options as the Intel Core i7 processor. For computer use, you can rely on it to be fast, responsive, and lag-free.

When choosing a computer, the processor is certainly a consideration that needs to be considered. You can choose one of the best computer processors above.